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The main purpose of our programs is to help our Dominican community with the various activities that will take place throughout the year.


My Finances

Our program seeks to promote financial stability in the community by providing financial literacy. The more knowledge people have about credit and financial services, the better decisions they will be able make regarding money matters, saving money, and improving their financial conditions and well-being. Some of our workshops include:

– Budgeting.
– Finance and small business development.
– Women’s Entrepreneurship.
– Job Search Tools.
– First time home buyer seminars.
– Credit repair.
– Financial education for children and adults.


Chocolate con YOLA

This program was born from the collaboration of United Healthcare, Gala Foods Supermarket, and the BeWell Kairos Foundation as a response to the imperative need to bring the aging population a connection with our younger generations to share experience, anecdotes, and life values of grandparents. In return our children bring them joy through the arts and the affection to the elderly. This will strengthen family ties in a world that is slowly beginning to suffer from personal connections.

Our older adults are motivated through talks by different specialists on topics such as: metabolism, nutrition, financial education, psychology, etc. In addition to artistic presentations, they also benefit from raffles, games, refreshments and the love of the volunteers of our organization.



Our social assistance program with which we benefit dozens of Connecticut residents with immigration applications, translations, notaries, rent, food, among other services.

The coalition relies on the professional and valuable work of 2 social workers who address all kinds of questions and forms during the week.


Co Alliance

Our Co-Alliance program seeks to establish partnerships with social and private organizations on issues relevant to the communities with the objective of sharing knowledge, programs, and resources with these entities.

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