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the Domenican american coalition

We work together to create a better community

¿What does The Dominican American Coalition of Connecticut do?

Through the execution of human development programs, The Dominican-American Coalition of Connecticut works for the benefit of the inhabitants of the State of Connecticut by applying models of social intervention that seeks the transformation of people, applying the “valor-arte” method, which means give “VALUE” to people through the “ARTS”.

In virtue of the above, it develops its social work through the arts focused on education, history, culture, social welfare, entrepreneurship, and productivity. The work is done hand-in-hand with other social organizations and private enterprise.


Serving the Community



What is the specific objective of the


To work on issues that affect the development of Connecticut residents without discrimination in the areas of education and at the same time in activities that promote the cultural roots, diversity, and history of the communities.

Our Mision & Vision


To work tirelessly for education in art, culture, history and finance, with the goal of improving people’s quality of life through comprehensive training. We focus on advocating for educational options so that everyone has access to quality education, regardless of their socioeconomic background. In our work, we strive to foster values and skills that enable people to successfully face the challenges of the future.


To be a leading organization in promoting education in arts, culture, history and finance, and in advocating for educational options at all levels. We want to be recognized for our commitment to the integral formation of people, providing opportunities for personal and professional development to the entire community. We seek to be a benchmark in the creation of innovative educational programs that foster critical thinking, creativity and entrepreneurship.


Our Core Team

Ramona Santelises

Jonatan Soto

Director of Communications

[email protected]

Jacquelina Santos

Belkis Almonte

Executive Director

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Amber Vasconez

Administrative Secretary

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