What does The Dominican American Coalition of Connecticut do?

Through the execution of human development programs, The Dominican-American Coalition of Connecticut works for the benefit of the inhabitants of the State of Connecticut by applying models of social intervention that seeks the transformation of people, applying the “valor-arte” method, which means give “VALUE” to people through the “ARTS”.

In virtue of the above, it develops its social work through the arts focused on education, history, culture, social welfare, entrepreneurship, and productivity. The work is done hand-in-hand with other social organizations and private enterprise.

What is the specific objective of the organization?

To work on issues that affect the development of Connecticut residents without discrimination in the areas of education and at the same time in activities that promote the cultural roots, diversity, and history of the communities.

group of people in a meeting room working on the mission of their project


To work towards a more united Connecticut through social service assistance programs, cultural celebration, and advocating for educational options.

group of people in a meeting room planning the vision of their project


To be the most valuable provider in community support, culture integration, conservation of their folklore, and help in the development of the people of our community.

About us